Poverty as an answer of why violence occurs is a lie

Poverty? Really?

No matter what tragedy falls on those inside the lie of free will, the lie just keeps piling on.

The murderers in Sweden who drove a bus into people to kill them? Swedish press is saying “it was poverty?”

And why would they say that? After all, the man targeted men, women and children, murdered them proudly for his side of the lie of free will. “Immediately forget the victims ..just remember the lie of free will for yourself” is the big message.

How so?

There is compassion in Christianity for someone who is deceived by a lie and acts out the delusions of that lie..namely the lie of free will. That’s one of the things you are saved out of and from in non-metaphorical new birth in Jesus Christ. But how does Lucifer and Satan twist that compassion to his own benefit to destroy those in his lie of free will? By pretending the definition of poverty is exclusively “not having something Lucifer has and supposedly controls”.

Mostly, cash money and the things it can buy.

To wit:

The lie of free will claims free will is the default state of being a human being. ..that you can’t get out of it. Yet it also claims in the Netherlands you can supposedly “run out of it” and that if you do, you should and ought to be killed because then you would be “no longer human”. Then they want to burn your body.

BUT, before you supposedly run out of free will, and after God supposedly forced it on you, ..that in-between state of pride? You have to “prove” you have free will so that the other free willers won’t kill you by mistaking you for being in a dream state like those in the womb or in a coma..or merely having depression or being jealous of others. ( In the Netherlands they now kill you if you “run out of free will.” )  ( not a joke ) ( really)  How do you go about doing that ..in such a manner as to be a “legally acceptable” manner so that you have protections from man’s law as long as you can “do the other proofs”? One of those ways is to have an exchange with another free willer wherein you trade something for something else. And everyone likes to trade in cash, or at least in some manner that requires enough honesty on the part of one regarding another to say they are physically present and making physical motions or can prove physical motions were required to have made a ‘transaction’ thus supposedly proving free will. Having cash afterwards is a form of proof. Everyone wants to be the merchant, not the buyer.

But you need cash or credit cards or goods to do that with. Those who are deceived they control the money have long ago built the legions of seminaries that teach “God forced free will on you.” If you control the money supply, you control the main LEGAL proof matrix by which free will is proved..trade. If you think you control the money supply, then you think you control the world because most of the world is deceived they have free will. You would know..you paid to deceive them that way.

You essentially made a product out of gold ( scarce ) , or even better, paper ( plentiful) , lied about everything, to include God, and insinuated your product between all the trade actions you could such that if no one has your product, they can’t trade and prove they are human in front of others who are just as deceived they lots and lots of opportunities to keep proving they are human and are thus safe ..from other free willers. No cash, no trade. No trade means one less ability to prove life and one step closer to the grave, killed at the hands of other people who share your exact beliefs about reality.

But it turns out lot of other people have that same idea: deceive other people into needing your product to keep other people away from them in every way except for when interactions are absolutely necessary? How do you make it seem your product is better at that than everyone else’s attempts?

Every time there is a catastrophe of one human being against another you keep saying “that happened because they don’t have my product.”..er, “poverty”.

That’s how Lucifer turns Christian compassion on its head: use the mere term “poverty” to invoke thoughts of panic and injustice that free willers commonly feel ( because their beliefs are bought and paid for by liars ): the panic and depression and envy that mere absence of cash induces as a lack of being able to prove one is alive in the presence of a killing machine and then get the “cash rich” people to “feel that on the behalf of the guy who murdered people but who was cash poor” and suddenly the whole tragedy is turned immediately into a propaganda bonus package for the lie of free will AND cash ( those who are deceived they control the money supply in competition with other people trying to get a name-brand proof-of-life ).

That’s also why you won’t see a lot of Calvinists down at the “community center” layin’ it on thick about “how to get more money” as the definition of fighting “poverty”. Because it is a lie. The ‘education’ they offer is just literally “how to get more deceived to get killed quicker.”

You can’t prove you have free will.

Because there is no free will.

Passing laws to supposedly enforce the lie of free will is tyranny and death. Not “pillars of freedom”.

You don’t lack proof of life because you didn’t take some “free willed” action. Those in the womb and in comas and in depression/envy/jealousy are just as alive as you are..just as human ..or just as non-metaphorical new creatures in Jesus Christ. There is no lack of stuff to “prove your free will with” because there is no free will. Poverty is being deceived a lie is truth ..and it is a very useful lie to Lucifer.

Ecclesiastes 7:10-14 Say not, How is it that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this. Wisdom is as good as an inheritance, and profitable to them that see the sun. For wisdom is a defence as money is a defence; but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom maketh them that possess it to live. Consider the work of God; for who can make straight what he hath made crooked? In the day of prosperity enjoy good, and in the day of adversity consider: God hath also set the one beside the other, to the end that man should find out nothing of what shall be after him.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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