That’s actually a great topic to discuss : Bringing Jim Crow back… in the Name of Christ Jesus

An article in Time about Obama’s “calling Christianity out” over Jim Crow caught my attention last week. It seems that in order to distract attention away from continued proofs that the satanic slogan “Islam is a religion of peace” is a blatant lie, Obama took to accusing a conglomerate of fake Christians and real Christians of doing heinous deeds in the Name of Christ.

To wit: “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,” he said. “In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

The President makes an appeal to what: humility? Really?

He obviously thinks that we live in a time in which black crime going constantly unpunished, (because the perpetrators are black), black people demonstrating on behalf of criminality among them–and being rewarded for it–, black people constantly siding with gay rights as if homosexual predators ought ideally to have civil rights and doing so under the guise of being a ‘reverend’ as a ‘Christian’ and that diluting conservatives (meaning white, Christian conservatives) with illegal immigration is the obvious goal of a black president against a majority white populace goes absolutely and constantly unnoticed. Homosexuals have been forced on Americans by their own federal government that has famously made its cause the cause of black people and illegal immigrants over the vehement objections and votes of the states over and over. The Federal government has persistently done so in the implied Name of Christ and associated moral authority of Christ Jesus with the implication that those in the federal government had some historical connection with real righteousness that is in fact principles that fake Christians have mysteriously found in their Bibles.

Obama and those of his mind seriously think that no one knows “Progressives” is just a term that really means “Fake Christian white people who use false religion, black people, homosexuals, predator fake priests “of Christ” and illegal immigrants against their neighbors that are other groups of white people.

What those same individuals have failed to realize is that doing so via a politics of surprise, wherein the populace is constantly made aghast by extremes and shocks at various guilt and blame schemes to which they are subjected by such fake Christians has a timer on it; such tactics have an expiration date that God Himself has set.

After a continued series of shock after shock, no one is really as outraged as they are idealized they should be to simply say “Let’s bring Jim Crow back”…and that’s not the half of it.

While there are genuinely some groups who have a fear that unless they side with others they know to be evil they will themselves be swallowed up by larger and more powerful groups, and thus they will side with “progressives” and be gladly used by them against “other” white people than the “progressives” themseves, even that has a limit. That limit is exactly how evil the supposed “progressives” become the Name of Christ. That limit is not, as some would say, a perceived lack of cooperation of “what can you do for me?”. Can you really trust someone who thinks nothing of lying against God for money or merely to get one over on their neighbor? That’s what “progressives” do as a profession. The lie that they do it “on the behalf of the less fortunate” is just a lie with which to cover themselves as if their mere saying it meant they were righteous and that God approved of their hatred of His servants and Him.

Christ Jesus Spoke the entire Bible as the Word of God, a separate and distinct speech than the speech He confounded at the attempt to build the tower at Babel. That’s part of what being the “the Christ” is.

But in that speech He confounded at the attempt to build the tower at Babel, a speech which can create nothing and thus those in it expect constant shortages and limited resources and in which “humans” get the blame for everything as if Lucifer and demons did not exist, a fake Christianity flourishes. It makes sense to those inside that speech expressly because they are inside that speech and outside of Christ as Word of God, not because they are dumb. It is –always– the fake Christians that perpetuate the monstrous evil in the Name of Christ and those fake Christians can easily be identified by their insistence that “humans have free will” which is usually accompanied by some form of  “The Holy Bible is Human speech”. Their lie starts out with the impression of personal empowerment and ends up a whip on the back of its slaves constantly goading them to evil and making them religiously guilty if they fail to do what is in fact evil before God as their best honesty. Inside that speech, the lack of perception is of God Himself, not total reality, even though by not seeing God as He really is, total reality is seen falsely. But even in that fallen state, everyone of this generation has honestly seen the results of false promises of what “equality” will do for “everyone”. “Equality” doesn’t mean you’ll have as much money as someone else; it doesn’t mean that you’ll have as much opportunity as someone else.

“Equality” means, at best, that you’ll have access to winning awards from evil persons who will say that you are as blessed as those who truly serve Christ and the proof is that you are getting worldly rewards that they hand out. It means you get to equally Fake the Blessing by being a fake Christian….in the name of Christ.

What “equality” also means is that if you are white, you won’t get anything but a idealized good emotion that you sacrificed you’re job, career, well being, land, family and personal protection for the cause of  an unknown yet idealized uber person who deserves what you had more than you do based on —fake Christianity. The feeling you’ll get for a time will be your real best honesty that God loves you because you turned your back on yourself and your family in favor of that unknown destitute person even though God has plainly said :

1 John 4:20, 21  If any one say, I love God, and hate his brother, he is a liar: for he that loves not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?  And this commandment have we from him, That he that loves God love also his brother.

Instead, we are to believe we are not to love our brothers and sisters, parents and friends who we see in our own family and people, but to love those whom we have not seen that hate us, live in other towns, distant states and foreign lands “and have no opportunity to be equal with us”. And we’re supposed to do this “in the Name of Christ”. The entire agenda of displacing American white people from America and importing homosexuals, false religions, and other peoples into America is based on the implied Name of Christ and its moral authority. It has no other authority. It has never even implied it has another authority. “How can you..”as a Christian”..disagree with me?” is the constant appeal by “progressives” and “moderate Republicans” to do heinous evil and call it “equality”. The victims that pile up under the new “equality” are always suppressed and hidden for as long as is possible in the name of getting the new equality to be seen as a Christian doctrine and religiously mandated, built on former lies such as the lie of human free will.

The President is a base hypocrite, a murderer, the son of a murderer and a liar to even suggest Jim Crow is bad or that the Crusades were something else than a reaction to the murder of Christians by Islamists or that actual Christians were the persecutors of the Inquisition. Indeed, real Christians who stood against the lie of Romanism were the persecuted as much as any other group.

So: in Christ, what’s wrong with bringing Jim Crow back? Really.

What’s wrong with taking the vote from women and getting women back in the home and back to their elevated status and getting rid of abortion and homosexuality as a whole?

After the forcing by the federal government of calling one man’s ass-rape of another “marriage”, there is no over-the-top policy that can come into being as new or as bringing back the old. The very success of the homosexual movement proves it.

It doesn’t bother me one small bit that there are many “progressives” who will jump on this article and say ” see what they want?!” because everyone has already seen what you want: Degradation of women in pornography and prostitution in the Name of Christ via “free speech”, homosexuals spreading AIDS and rapes at their parties, fake Christian “priests” raping children, people from foreign lands illegally displacing Americans, false proofs of the goodness of those illegals, those illegals and others as protected groups of criminals who get honest deputies and policemen fired for doing their jobs and constant threats of more of the same. You think everyone is arming themselves because they believe the lies of crime being down and how perfect the world will be if white people were to just die?

So let’s openly discuss the merits of bringing back Jim Crow. For starters. In the actual and real Name of Christ.

And no. It won’t be good enough to say “If you are so crazy as to even mention bringing back Jim Crow, I can’t articulate to you why Jim Crow was bad.” That’s just means you can’t articulate at all why bringing back Jim Crow is bad. All the old arguments against Jim Crow were lies that had press widgets make some noise on their behalf, so merely quoting them won’t work. If it is really is the truth that Jim Crow was bad or would be bad in the future, truth is a deep well and Christ himself and you should be able to find plenty of new reasons. Lies are always shallow and not-Christ by definition.

And yes. I’m serious. This is not a joke.

We can start by asking the difference between salvation in Jesus Christ and an arbitrary set of rules that God never spoke about all Christians must live in the same neighborhoods, towns and cities, nations and such and have equal sized houses, nice cars, never be told they are wrong and have access to the same jobs and each others sons and daughters for marriage.

If you really think you are a Christian, I’m calling you out.

You see, as God does it through me, I’m for the souls of the elect, not the delights of the heathen.

Luke 13:1-9 Now at the same time there were present some who told him of the Galileans whose blood Pilate mingled with that of their sacrifices. And he answering said to them, Think ye that these Galileans were sinners beyond all the Galileans because they suffered such things? No, I say to you, but if ye repent not, ye shall all perish in the same manner. Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, think ye that *they* were debtors beyond all the men who dwell in Jerusalem? No, I say to you, but if ye repent not, ye shall all perish in like manner. And he spoke this parable: A certain man had a fig-tree planted in his vineyard, and he came seeking fruit upon it and did not find any . And he said to the vinedresser, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig-tree and find none: cut it down; why does it also render the ground useless? But he answering says to him, Sir, let it alone for this year also, until I shall dig about it and put dung, and if it shall bear fruit–but if not, after that thou shalt cut it down.

So what if the sycamore tree said to the fig tree: “Ha ha! Someone is putting shit on you!”

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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