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John Kerry, tool of anti-Christ, hates Israel, takes last opportunity to rally leftists for Palestinian terrorists

Anti-Christ through John Kerry hates Israel. He made it well known in his speaking fit, literally licking his lips in anticipation of his next condemnation and almost yelling at times,  against Israel as an excuse of his own failures to twist Israel’s arm to his own notion of their safety. Apparently, he wants everyone to be deceived that the United States and the “international community” ought to guarantee the safety of Israel rather than God and the only way for “us” to do that is force Israel to do …whatever their worst enemies wish for them.

There was no mention that setting up a Palestinian state would set up an internationally recognized knife at Israels throat., that it would be nothing more than emboldening an enemy who has sworn to false gods to wipe Israel off the map. No, of course not.

Obviously it was an attempt to justify the lies against Israel the Democrats and Leftists tell each other in their echo chambers finally made public and to Kerry, a supposed justification and vindication thereby, as if Satan would make a mass appeal to justify his hatred of Christ. Kerry is deceived just because he believes something, and a very select set of individuals just kept telling him “you are absolutely right, John! Way to go!” that that makes it truth. It seems to be the same template the Leftists have successfully used against the citizens of the United States in the homosexual and abortion movement: 1.  if you can’t get your way by popular vote, ( meaning the people fundamentally do not want what you are pushing) use a quasi-legal maneuver to go around “populism”   and get a “body of experts and/or representatives” to vote your way and force what you want on those who do not want it, in the apparent belief that it is a settled issue; 2. Draw up plans and make it public you have put lots of man hours into a process that the target of your hatred never asked for nor needs and is in fact inimical to their well being, accuse the object of your hatred of being the “hater” if they don’t recognize “all the work you put into the process”, and then set off a press campaign against the object of your hatred to make it appear “everybody” thinks like you do and that the tax payer funded “process” you came up with is somehow sacrosanct ..because a group of “experts” and politicians came up with it. When the object of your hatred clearly tells you that they heard what you said and they do not need nor want your “help” in this matter, you just become a bully as best you can, nursing your own feelings of self-justification by expanding them as public outrage as best you can.

In doing so, Kerry recounts past American actions on behalf of Israel as if the Obama administration,(who is obviously a Muslim) would have done the same thing had the Obamaists been in the White House “all along” when of course they most certainly would not have. Anti-Christ through Kerry does this in an attempt to legitimaze ( a new word I just made up: 1. verb: to to lie so boldly the righteous/those-who-have-a-fear-of-God are amazed at your balls to speak before God in that manner : 2. verb: to weave lies with truth in such a fashion as manufacture a maze for the simple minded and complicated hearted that the righteous understand is a lie, but to deconstruct for the simple is just too much work and therefore the mere rolling of the eyes ( you know, looking upward to heaven to see God’s reaction to that kind of boldness to do evil before Christ Jesus ) is usually the reaction).. his own anti-Israel slanders by weaving the actual accomplishments of others in the past into his own “good ideas” that were utter failures.

In the end, Kerry simply exposes himself and the Obama Administration as the Jew hating, backstabbing group of people they have always been. Apparently, under Obama/  Hillary Clinton and John Kerry’s State Dept. they were so entranced by the words told to them in the secret echo chamber of “love the Philistines” ( Palestinians call themselves Philistines) that they did not have time to actually do State Dept. business. So in Ghana, for the past ten years, a fake American consulate sold American visas in the same town as the legitimate American embassy. But weirdly, we  didn’t hear much of that story, so concerned were the leftists to establish the lie-phrase “fake news”. Maybe the Obama Administrations “man in Ghana” could do a better job of “brokering peace” at 6 grand a pop.

I admit I’m not sad ..rather, I got over being sad. I knew the Obama Administration would end in failure for everything except backstabbing the American people with homosexuality, abortion and money in the pockets of Obama’s buddies and international destabilization while those that voted for him would have to keep making excuses in public they are under the impression everyone must hear. But that long, dark night in American history and world history is at least coming to a close and Kerry’s speech is simply one of its last gasps.

Apparently he is a great guy in his own ideology. He is well groomed and presents himself as if what he says makes sense somewhere, anywhere in heaven. In fact, all he has is the common sense and self-justification of all those who will burn in the lake of fire. God is never deceived by Lucifer’s “charity”, no matter how many man-hours Lucifer puts in on it or how many billions of dollars is wasted on it.

It would be nice if Kerry, Clinton and Obama had to personally pay back the tax payer money they wasted on their hate-Israel echo chambers wherein their leftist party line was merely copied by a bunch of yes-persons while holding small dogs, drinks and having “spirit dinners” where they mixed their body fluids in with the dinner menu. A witch doctor in Africa said he had his blood platlets sprinkled on the food sold in town in his capital to control behavior to make people vote for him. Who was really speaking when Kerry spoke? How many sperm puddings has he eaten? I’m talking about witchcraft of course, not just homosexuality, even though homosexuality is witchcraft.  Anti-Christ of course, is the speech of sin and the only speech that is not the Word of God, Jesus Christ.

sidebar: if someone asks you to a “spirit dinner”? DON’T GO. You do not know what is in the food.

The things they do are so outrageous when you first see them in print you think its a joke when it is not. For all we know, Hillary Clinton “consulted Elanor Roosevelt” to write the speech for Kerry. She and Bill have already admitted to her being a necromancer that “regularly communes with Elanor”.


In the end, best case.. Obama and company are self-absorbed shallow individuals who only care about what other people think of themselves rather than the actual safety of a close ally like Israel and they have once again only made a fool of themselves in public having finally brought out their private teachings long enshrined among themselves.

Ephesians 5:11,13 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen