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The Lie of Human Free Will, the Nature of Propaganda and the Left Media

If you study propaganda at all, you know full and well that its cornerstone is the lie of human free will and that totalitarian regimes cannot survive without the lie of free will. The constant attacks by reinforcing lies on those deceived they have free will are always the same:

  1. you have free will ..God forced it on you
  2. but free will is also a commodity that has a shelf life..use it or lose it
  3. most people are content to live amiably and essentially save the implied power of having a free will for when it is necessary to use it against encroaching forces but you must not do so; don’t ‘save it for later’..use it NOW ( all ‘truth to action’ campaigns revolve around that premise..)
  4. what good are as a human being if you just “sit down” as opposed to ..doing whatever the ’cause’ needs..harness your power for good!

The Left Media / Communist / Nazi Media are simply using Anti-Christ’s methods he wrote through Hitler and Dietz:

Not what was, but what is, that must be the center of the propagandist’s work. The rapid pace of events forbids that we stay mired in the past.

It is therefore necessary that local group leaders make every effort to appoint the best activists to the post of propagandist. They must always be in the position to adjust to conditions, to find new ideas and methods that will attract and inspire the people. Not just any party member is suited to be a propaganda leader just because he has been given the task. Only the best is good enough to be a propaganda leader.


The task of propaganda is to communicate the nature and content of our will to the broad masses in the most simple and understandable way. “Propaganda acquaints the masses with particular facts, events, necessities, etc., whose significance thereby becomes clear to them.” (Hitler: Mein Kampf)

National Socialism cannot be understood only from the rational point of view. The propaganda leader has the task of finding the proper emotional form to appeal to the inner nature of the various groups within the population. One must avoid getting lost in details. Propaganda must always avoid the mistake of becoming cramped. Rather, it must be “popular and its intellectual level must be at a level so as to be understood even by the least intelligent of those to whom it is directed.” (Hitler: Mein Kampf)

We must once again hit the streets and go door-to-door, we must speak to people individually, just as we did when we were in the opposition. We must do everything in our power to show the laggards the infallible rightness of our will. Free yourself of the sentiment entirely out of character for a National Socialist: “It isn’t worth talking to him!”

In short, the Democratic Party’s platform and methods are taken right out of Hitler’s dreams. They are the modern Nazi Party: champions of the lie of human free will, Luciferian / occult, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, pro-euthanasia, abortion and homosexuality / sodomy…children of Belial. They blind all they may to the truth, then introduce new lies as supposed “supporting evidence” in order to keep the heart stumbling forward into a vipers pit of death and dismay while they teach their victims to laugh as it happens to them. 

Comey is the new hero? Really?

If you are deceived you have free will, you can look right at this photo and say “I don’t see anything” not because you don’t see anything, but because you know you can’t “prove” anything to the other free willers because their definition of what is real is never founded on anything honest or solid.  You might not be adding to their conversation. So rather than step outside the echo chamber of one lie bouncing off another in their circles, you just ..blink. It is obviously in and of the mountain so to say it is a rock formation as denial isn’t saying anything. In fact, that’s the point.

elongated skull on Mountain side, Mill City NV
Photo taken from parking lot of T/A truck stop

In the same vein, you can just toe the propaganda line of the Left and pretend not to see their lies and hypocrisy. What do you get for it? A world filled with sodomy, rape, murder, fear, bankruptcy and poverty..permission to use an idealized “free will” on a timer that isn’t constant or predictable or fair but mercurial and treacherous and undependable. Just like those that made that image above on the side of that mountain. They came and went and nobody remembers them in any good light at all. All that is left of their Big Deal moment is the very images they set up to control others and some ruins of their House of Lies that indict them as truth haters for all generations to see.

You can’t help but see what you see and hear what you hear. But no what what you see or hear, you still can’t say it free the way it is ..if and only if you believe you have free will. The notion of free will gets in the way of the truth every time because to learn truth, you have to reject some old notions held dear by those that lie. If you were looking right at a steak and lobster dinner and a Democratic propagandist made someone next to you feel ashamed for eating both, you would probably pretend not to see the steak or the lobster so as not to attract attention. 

Me? I’m chowin’ down, baby. I’m not afraid of what God teaches me in any given instant is going to conflict with what He said a while ago. 

..and now..a smidgen of poetry/song lyrics: ..my sense of humor tends toward improper English.. 

it’s called Johnny on the spot ..working on the tune..:

Oh preacher!

Son, you have done lied to me 

when you said that my will

it was free..

You said I had the power

to do all that you said

But instead of any joy 

I was wishing I was dead

But now I’m layin’ right here

floooatin! in the grace of God

the one that saved me 

and did a complete job

Yeah I’m drinkin’ Jesus’ blood

eatin’ Jesus’ flesh

not worried about what happens next

Yeah I’m layin’ right here

flooatin! in the grace of God

Oh priest! Alll the families you sold

when they was doin’ what they was doin’

’cause they was told

wasn’t anybody comin’

no help in sight

and they had to save their own soul

yeah you had ’em workin’ it out hard! 

tryin’ to save their own soul

But now I’m sittin’ right here

flooatin! in the grace of God

the one that saved me 

and did a complete job

Yeah, I’m drinking’ Jesus’ blood

eatin’ Jesus’ flesh

ain’t worried about what happens next

Yeah I’m sittin’ right here..floatin’ in the grace of God.

Oh Father! You have rescued me!

From the net they had cast at my feet

You said you had the power to do all that you said

and by Your Word, Jesus Christ

you have raised me from their dead

and now I’m standin’ right here

flooatin! in the grace of God

the one that saved me and did a complete job

yeah I’m drinkin’ Jesus’ blood

eatin’ Jesus’ flesh

ain’t worried about what happens next 

yeah I’m standin’ right here

flooatin! in the grace of God

Heeey… Sweet Pea! 

Baby you get saved

you can be with me

and you will find there is plenty of room

and you don’t have to strike your womb

they will be condemned

when God steps us out as that sign among them

Don’t you worry about what it is

or what’s not

‘Cause God through me right here right now

is Johnny on the Spot

Yeah baby God through me right here right now

is Johnny on the spot


1Corinthians 6:3 Do ye not know that we shall judge angels? and not then matters of this life?

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Weird huh? Conehead skull mountain?

After God through me tells you that you do not have free will and you say something like: “That’s really weird, huh?” because, let’s face it..there is nothing you can do about it and you think there is “no point in knowing it?” But you only think that because the lie of free will itself comes with its own common sense that blocks out reality and makes you think it is the only Hope. In a similar vein, you probably think its “not worth knowing” that conehead skulls have now been proven to be not human by the same science you get other beliefs from.



wow. odd, huh?

odder still:

elongated skull on Mountain side, Mill City NV
Photo taken from parking lot of T/A truck stop



We have : ( photos not edited except for scaling the smaller ones up for detail..you can take these same pics yourself from the parking lot of the Travel Centers of America truckstop in Mill City, NV on I-80. The image overlooks a watershed and I-80.. if you are in the Lassens Meadows, ( the watershed ) then you would have to look at it if the meadows were a river as the meadows has a curve it that points to the skull..)

  1. one mountain side facing north
  2. one elongated skull carved/made in the side of the mountain. Even in different shadows you still have the nose and two evenly spaced, same sized eye sockets but two different mouth expressions..and you can see it plainly without the help of me coloring in the edges and such..
  3.  two different photos taken one in the afternoon ( 5/09/17 ) the other taken in the morning of ( 5/10/17 ) showing the same skull with different shadows cast by the sun
  4. two different expressions on the skulls mouth

ancient shadow art… combined with an in-your-face elongated skull…

Modern shadow art.. note the seemingly meaningless arrangement of stuff before the light is applied to make the shadows..the examples in the link are of still shadow art..but the art in the mountain depends on the sun and the sun to move as it always does to do the mojo.


Art imitates life: you could do an overnight camp in one of the inner, intricate lies of the lie of free will ( something like “depression is a treatable disease” instead of the truth of ‘depression is jealousy and envy’ ) and not know you were inside a much larger lie the same way you could literally pitch your tent having conquered the mountain from the other side and not know you were inside the eye socket or mouth of the elongated skull on the side of that mountain.


photo via ancient origins.. a non-Christian/Christ hating site…even they can see something is going on…

I can even see an eye socket with an eye in it on both sides. The photo taken in the afternoon looks like he is wearing a helmet with downward pointing horns. It is meant to be seen from a distance, ( from the well watered valley)  like the Nazca lines are made to be seen from above. Is that the remains of a ceremonial square enclosure I see beneath the face/skull? But that’s for a later time…


 I looked up Mill City NV and couldn’t find any reference to it. But I’m obviously not the first person to see this. It was made for a reason…

Christian common sense understands that when Jesus Christ spoke to the wind and commanded it to be silent..it fell silent ..because it was a living creature obeying God’s creating speech, not a “random, non-living conglomerate that was the result of heat exchange by the sun and ocean surface water..” or as Obama recently insinuated, the result of you enjoying too much steak.

Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Daniel 2:43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen