Anti-Christ, his Theory of Language, Obama and Blackberry, Lime, Kiwi Diplomacy as Emotional Genre

Human speech is anti-Christ.It is not Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

Human speech is non-creating speech and instills all those inside of it with a simultaneous sense of:

1. personal power expressly because of the non-creating nature of human speech. It seems to those inside of it that they are “inside” nothing (because of the perfection-of-powerlessness nature of human speech ) but that human speech, or at least a speech with the same characteristics of powerlessness, is in fact the only language in total reality and it is a mere tool of an idealized human free will.

Let’s go over some past understands here:
a. there is no free will except for God. The illusion of free will for creatures is perfected in the powerless nature of human speech. Human speech appears to be a non-living thing because of its powerlessness and the powerlessness is THE thing in a larger environment that seems to at least logically permit “a free will”. You gotta think in a language of some sort and all you have is non-creating and therefore it seems non-interfering-with-the-will, speech. The exact powerlessness and seemingly non-interfering-with-the-will nature of human speech is turned to an emotional positive to make it appear to mandate a “free” will because the powerless nature of humans speech seems just one more nail in the supposed logical chain that gives the facade of the absence of forcing factors acting against the will. Inside human speech, all definitions of all the words and all possible “contexts” from where those definitions arise absolutely rely on the idealized non-interference principle supposedly proven by the powerlessness and are afterwards tweaked to make everything just powerless enough to be useful. It is not as if human beings or cows or any other animal to include the “telepathic aliens” run from each other on the premise that merely communicating something or receiving communication from a like creature or a strange creature is going to turn each other into another spiritual being or add extra appendages and like. They implicitly rely on the powerlessness for what they consider to be a stable environment in which to exist as a “self”. If their speech was powerful in the way that God’s Word is powerful, it appears to them there would be nothing but chaos; not even the self would be safe to keep being the self.
..which is a fallacy and slander against God as the best honesty of human beings: when one is born again in Jesus Christ, to be born again in Jesus Christ is to be taken out of human speech AND to have the Word/Speech of God as one’s new native speech; to have Creating Speech, the Big Monster the “self” was always scared it would encounter and thus “become chaotic” …and yet none of that actually happens.

and 2. (from above) fear of not being able to “fully express” the dimensions of the self while it cowers to keep itself itself. Human beings don’t do that “on purpose”, the living creature that is humans speech/anti-Christ hates God and yet can’t get out of being itself. Human fears are in large part not justifiable fears of environment, or even fears that have their origin in and about human beings but the fear of non-creating speech as it cowers from the presence of God transferred to the human heart as if it were its own.

From there the lie of free will is a gospel of envy and gossip about the supposed superpowers of one’s neighbor and fellow creature who supposedly possesses a free will and what one’s neighbor and fellow creature might do with that falsely idealized freedom. To NOT falsely idealize one’s neighbors superpowers is to reduce the possible powers each one inside human speech can have for themselves. The instant you live a private life of personal pride in supposedly being “powerful”, is the same instant the creature that is non-creating speech/anti-Christ, because of its innate powerlessness, transfers fear of God to fear of neighbor and fear of a falsely idealized  ability of a bunch of neighbors to “pool their personal sovereignty” .

The ex-political elite are proved witches and sorcerers, quite beside their overt taking part in Clinton’s necromancy or the “spirit dinners” and consuming of human body fluids mixed in with the food, abortion and homosexual behaviors in general by their attempts to cultivate and take advantage of that exact fear of the mythical “collective will” that is derived from the lie of free will and their overt support for false priest and pastors and “charities” that specifically and exclusively teach that “God forced free will on everyone and you can’t get out of it.” They take the common sense of the mind of human beings that is based on a falsely idealized lack of creation because it is inside a non-creating speech/mind and therefore perpetually limited resources and first build the target population up in pride only to simultaneously ensnare them in fear. It’s witchcraft is not “ideological differences with Calvinists over how to get to the same goal.”

Not content with that much evil against their neighbors, they go so far as to heap fake awards on certain individuals in  order to drape them  in celebrity and then have those individuals put forth theories of the” origins of language” ( as if there was only one in total reality and as if God, Satan and Man all share a common speech and it can’t create anything. ) and debate between themselves stupidities that , among others, Roman Catholic press widgets then propagate.

to wit, as an example of late:

Anti-Christ through Peter Liethart, of the Theopolis Institute ( now there’s a name to inspire confidence right?) wrote a piece in First Things, the Roman Catholic philosophy rag, in which he tries to appear ignorant enough to be usefully insightful to a free willer without actually stating any truths ( as in Psalm 12:4  Who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is lord over us? and Psalm 5:9 For there is no certainty in their mouth; their inward part is perversion, their throat is an open sepulchre; they flatter with their tongue. ) . He is, in theory, a protestant writing in a free willer mag ruminating about the origins of language and citing The Names of the Day and Yesteryear in the Field to make him seem thorough. And yet not a word in the whole article about Language called “Kingdom of Language”  even “about” Jesus Christ, the Word of God. Not even a question about how Wolfe or Chomsky’s “Universal Grammar” or Daniel Everett’s “critique” of Chomsky  and his own theory of “language is a tool humans invented” could possibly end in that speech becoming Incarnate in the flesh ..that or any speech. Obviously the “ex-missionary” and Moody Bible graduate Everett wants the fake awards and to cause mere controversy with Chomsky in an arena that has the onlookers absolutely ignoring the difference between such basics as the speech of the serpent and the Word of God, the speech of Satan that tempted the Word of God and the Word of God.

Why don’t we see such inquires? After all, First Things is supposed to be an English language jewel in the Romanists free will agenda and the players of the latest are all so-called Christians.

It is because those inquires don’t inspire unreasonable fear as seemingly “extra proofs of free will” and keep unreasonable fear as a sole option to the same minds that has been targeted to be afraid of other people’s supposed collectivizing of “personal sovereignty” into a nuclear device of ‘free will’ that will force Complicance of some arcane rules that include homosexuality and abortion.

The one rule of those rags and those players is “always play up the lie of free will both explicitly and implicitly”.

SO:  our present government having come from the pool of individuals who sat at the feet of these type of people and being inside human speech, are then tasked with explaining why they are such utter failures at Diplomacy and Business and such champions of evil. And what is their response? Essentially, to to merely point out as supposed common sense that the supposed Russian Collectivized Free Will has “hacked” ..their particular efforts at something.

Not a joke. That is the ONLY response. Not “I’m sorry.” Not “Maybe we’re not wanted and never were.”

If there was such a thing as free will, think what the Russians were thinking as they found out what the Clintons and company were really living like, whether or not they had to wait until the Wikileaks published it to find it out.

The people with nuclear weapons under their fingers were:

  1. openly claiming to talk to a dead person/necromancy ( Hillary Clinton to Eleanor Roosevelt)
  2. some guy is jacking off in the bathroom so a cook can mix his splugee in with the food for a “spirit dinner” (Podesta is then invited to partake of the food)
  3. the world can burn as long as actual citizens of their own countries are displaced by foreigners, just on principle,  babies are killed and homosexuals can hold hands and one of them think of himself as “the wife”.

And its true and the Democrats have never even one time denied it. They just got mad it made public.

And yet they call North Korea “crazy” who almost has nuclear weapons that can strike the west coast of the United States? What’s the crazy part compared to themselves? He openly calls himself a god and North Koreans are forced to pray to him?

Wouldn’t you do something if you could to head off a nuclear holocaust from an enemy that was just ..lost in the head?

I don’t think it was the Russians. But it would certainly make sense if they did and they did us a favor if it was them. It’s probably not and they showed grace from God through them not to retaliate.

And the response by Obama and Company: one from column A and 2 from column B to mix and match emotional flavors on their way Out. Hate Israel, Hate losing, hate Trump, Hate Actual America, Love the Legacy and all of it as worshiping the lie of free will and anti-Christ.

As he takes the Big Bird Out of the White House they can insolently debate “Everetts theory of speech as a tool vs Chomsky’s Universal Grammar” and scratch their chins thoughtfully as they chew on some splugee cake. And maybe some Blackberry/Lime/Kiwi selzter water to wash it down. Zero calories, zero salvation, zero righteous accomplishments, discount to the tax payers for the plane ride. Someone from First Things or the Theopolis Institute is no doubt mumbling something about them to Mary.

Psalm 5:4-6 For thou art not a *God that hath pleasure in wickedness; evil shall not sojourn with thee. Insolent fools shall not stand before thine eyes; thou hatest all workers of iniquity. Thou wilt destroy them that speak lies: Jehovah abhorreth a man of blood and deceit.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen


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